We will let you understand a rare type of fabric.It is water-soluble fabrics, can also be said to be water-soluble fabrics.The water-soluble fabrics refers to a class of fabrics through the use of dry method of netting, solvent bonding method of solid netting made from the raw material is polyvinyl alcohol fibers. It is made of polyvinyl alcohol fiber. This kind of fabric is named because it can be easily dissolved in water, especially in hot water. The following is to introduce the characteristics of water-soluble fabrics and its uses.

Characteristics of water-soluble fabrics:

The main feature of water-soluble fabric is its water solubility, the fabric can be well dissolved in hot water, followed by the strength and hardness of water-soluble fabric is very good, with excellent impact resistance, of course, water-soluble fabric also has excellent weather resistance, even if the long-term exposure to the sun and its loss of strength is not big. It can be degraded in the natural environment, and the bags made of it will not be unable to decompose like plastic bags.

The use of water-soluble fabrics:

It can be made into water-soluble lace, which belongs to a large category of embroidery, water-soluble lace has exquisite patterns and three-dimensional sense, and can be used as accessories for all kinds of clothing.

Water-soluble fabrics can also be used for the production of packaging materials, water-soluble pesticide bags with corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and other characteristics, low production costs can be mass production, water-soluble fabrics are often used as hotel towels and bath towels and other products, but also as a backing or lining of some clothing.

The above is the introduction of water-soluble fabrics. You will be introduced to the knowledge of fabric. We also provide wholesale and retail services for all kinds of fabrics. Friends need to go to the last time to check the specific style and price of fabrics.

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