Punching jacket is what we often say jacket, mainly for outdoor sports coat, of course, for this outdoor sportswear requirements are quite high, in addition to windproof and waterproof performance, but also need to have wear-resistant and warmth, which has a higher demand for the choice of fabrics as well as processing, in order for you to have a more in-depth understanding of the punch fabrics, this article introduces a few suitable for making The fabric of the jacket.

Nylon Jacket:

Punching jacket is actually not very suitable for cotton to produce, although it is said that cotton fiber is comfortable and soft, but the abrasion resistance as well as the elasticity of cotton is not very ideal, but you can use cotton as the padding of the punching jacket. In some high-intensity mountaineering sports are prone to clothing breakage, and polyamide is very good to overcome the above problems, so it is still chemical fiber fabrics are suitable for the production of punching jackets. Of course, in order to make the punching jacket has more functional characteristics, in the production process will be added to the windproof, waterproof coating, so that the function of the punching jacket to play to the maximum.


Polyester can be used as the fabric or lining of the jersey. As a fabric, it is not far from the function of nylon, and as a lining, it can strengthen the cushioning ability of the clothes, and the overall price of polyester jerseys will be lower than that of nylon.

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