Suede fabric is a unique type of fabric known for its delicate, napped surface. Made originally from the underside of animal skin (most often lamb skin), suede has a rich color and high gloss. Genuine deerskin suede fabric is very soft and expensive. In fact, it is so expensive that many of the suede fabrics you’ll find on the market today are not actually genuine deerskin; they are typically made of chemical fiber materials or sheepskin; therefore, they are much more affordable and accessible.Having said that, however, there are several key features of suede fabric that are as appealing now as they were when suede was first discovered, many, many years ago. These benefits include:

Aesthetic Appeal: Suede fabric boasts a rich color, excellent gloss and clear texture. This is why, as the article pointed out, the “suede gloves” she wore were resistant to crease and pilling.Durability: As the article points out, suede upholstery fabric composed of chemical fibers, like polyester, so it has a high wear factor. In addition to being a favorite for boots, bags and upholstery, suede is a very popular fabric for car seat cushions. It even found another car related use as cloth for a squeegee, in the GEM electric car.

Fibers Used: Modern suede fabric anchors its durability in chemical fibers, but bomber jackets and even hot pants were made of suede in the 60’s, Rabbit hair suede is also resilient and can be priced higher than some natural grain leathers, because a rabbit herder can’t offer unlimited bunnies.

Maintenance: Suede is resistant to pilling and creasing; combined with its high wear factor, furniture with suede upholstery fabric is known to require less maintenance than most other fabrics. A small swatch of suede is all the consumer would need to consult for ideas on color and gloss, so that adds to its value for everyday items.

Comfort and Versatility: Known for its soft touch and mild, usually, drapability, suede fabric has excellent wearability. Surprisingly, a variety is available in fabrics today, so it’s accessible for all sized budgets. Besides outerwear and boots, it’s used for casual clothing and accessories of all types. You can always buy good car seat cushions from our online shop.

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For genuine deer and sheepskin suede products, clothes cleaning specialists know these items cannot be machine washed — the suede must remain in peaceable condition and the fibers that hold it together must not be disturbed. Its look and relaxed elegance are what make suede a premium material and a premium-cost material for those items made from genuine animal skin. If the modern suede mentioned in the article is 100% polyester, it absorbs both dyes beautifully for a variety of earth tone and deep, rich colors, and softness and drape to give genuine suede a run for its money. With the gradations of colors all coming out of China’s textile industry, Chinese consumers know how to make sure they are getting a true polyester suede product and not something the Chinese simply appropriated to describe their own cotton textile materials.

Suede sounds as soft as it feels. A Swedish suede, 100% polyester, named for its similarity to the soft surface of natural suede, is 42-inches wide and about 40 – 42 yuan per meter. Floating about on furniture construction that proclaims top-tier, its comfort, its fashion statement and the fact it comes in a green color that a Goldman Sachs or Brown Brothers Harriman would name “coach house,” gives hint to the premium heady effect that suede can have on upholstered items.


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