There are several definitions of sherpa in Mandarin. The area describes the lambswool, and this lambswool is not made of natural lambswool, but with polyester with acrylic and other chemical fibers produced by this textile is often used in the production of autumn and winter coats or jackets, but also used for pajamas pants and other clothing production, the next three textile gallery editor will introduce the characteristics of lambswool for you to this textile.

Qualities of Sherpa textile:

Most of the sherpa fabrics sold on the market for the composition of 100% polyester, sherpa fabrics have a delicate fabric surface and soft touch, polyester itself has a good color fixation and strength, so the regular use of lambskin textile usually does not appear the phenomenon of wrinkling and yellowing, good durability makes the lambskin apparel to wear very comfortable and does not have a sense of restraint, the high density between the fibers of sherpa fabric has a good coverage. Sherpa fabrics have a high density between the fibers and provide good coverage.

However, sherpa fabric also has some flaws, we all know that the plush fabric will appear the phenomenon of hair loss, such as the velvet lambswool is no exception, especially the new purchase lambswool products, the first few times when washing the condition will be more significant hair loss, after a long time after using the phenomenon of hair loss will be significantly reduced.

Sherpa fabrics use heat shrinkage process during processing, which greatly reduces the possibility of shrinkage and wrinkling of lambswool after washing. Sherpa fabrics are chemically stable and not only resistant to chemicals, mould and pests, but also much easier to keep than wool fabrics.

Cost of Sherpa textile:

Sherpa fabric retail prices generally range from 10 to thirty dollars, which is cheaper than the price of cashmere fabrics by a large margin. Sherpa fabric products have a very high cost performance; of course, the third textile Gallery Shop also has a variety of Lambswool products available. If you want to know the price or style, friends can go to the mall to directly search for “Lambswoil” “view.”

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