Velvet was come from Zhangzhou, Fujian District, a frequently utilized in clothes, home furniture. The material is additionally referred to as the Zhang plush, this material as very early as the Ming Empire has been widely utilized.Nowadays the creation and handling innovation of plush has been more mature, the market place of plush items vibrant, superb workmanship and therefore chosen by a multitude of customers. We will introduce you to the plush and its features.

There might be a standard misconception of plush, that is, plush is made of plush hair, plush belongs to the national second-class protected animals, the number of rare and not allowed to kill.The plush is rayon, cotton or their blends processed and made of a kind of material with a touch similar to the touch of plush hair, the following is to see the features of the material are what.

Whether it is with cotton or rayon production of plush, they have a great warmth, plush surface delicate and plump, with the hand feel extremely comfortable, material stretching will have elasticity, normal use and maintenance, then usually does not seem to befall of the feeling of hair or puckering.

Plush fluff near towering, rayon made of plush will have better wear resistance, plush can be hand-washed can also be machine washed, due to have a better color-fixing, fabrics normally do not fade or pale. However, plush materials cannot avoid the drawbacks of static electricity, frequent friction is also easy to damage the direction of the plush. In order to extend the lifespan of plush materials, we are very important to understand the maintenance of plush.

How to clean the plush?

First, the cleaning time is normally used to wash, dry cleaning will affect the appearance and quality of plush, clothes have wrinkles, then you can use medium temperature ironing way to deal with, when wearing try to avoid clothes and other things friction. Because the moisture absorption of plush is extremely excellent, so it is ideal not to store in a high humidity environment.

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