Mink velour is a type of cloth that comes from the soft underfur of minks, mainly used for making luxury clothes. Designers often get a piece of mink velour to check its quality before they make a bunch of new clothes. Minks aren’t easy to come by, so these days, people make mink velour out of other stuff like wool, rabbit fur, cotton, synthetic fibers, and mixed materials. They’ve got the process down pat now, so the fake mink velour is almost just as good as the real deal. Still, how much it costs can be different based on what they use to make it.

No matter what goes into the mink velour, it’s gonna feel plush. Since it’s kind of a velvet, it keeps you really warm. You can find this fabric in loads of colors which makes it popular in the fashion world.

Mink velour stands out and that’s why we’re using it to create women’s coats, jackets, and bags. Imagine a black mink velour jacket – it’s classic, effortlessly blending chic style with coziness. This material isn’t just about looks. its glossy appearance and silky feel caress the skin with comfort while flaunting luxury and sophistication. Picture him walking into the workshop, his basket brimming with swatches of mink velour, each one ready to spark a unique creation. This fabric is both stylish and snug.

The mink velour you see in stores usually comes from a mix of polyester or cotton. They often throw in a little spandex – around 5%. That’s what gives the fabric its stretch so it can hug your figure without getting out of shape.Before purchasing, customers had to measure how much mink velour they would need for their custom-tailored garments.

Below I also recommend a mink velour for sale.

Double-sided thick mink velvet: The main component of this mink velour is synthetic fiber. Its size and weight are specifically 175 centimeters and 460 g/m². The velvet is thick and has strong heat retention. When made into a coat, it will have an excellent cold-resistant effect, ensuring that each order for this fabric meets our customers’ winter needs. The quality of the soft material is also very comfortable to wear and can be used to make trousers, pyjamas, and sweatshirts. Mink velour cushions add a touch of luxury and comfort to any home, while mink velour scarves have become a sought-after item in the winter collection. The price is 38 yuan per meter.

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