We wear canvas shoes and canvas bags are made of canvas, of course, the use of canvas is far more than that, canvas production materials are generally cotton, linen or cotton polyester blended, it will generally have a thicker fabric. We can be divided into coarse canvas and fine canvas according to the use of canvas. We will be with you to introduce the characteristics of canvas and oxford fabrics. Which one is better?

The current market sale of canvas to cotton polyester or cotton common, canvas has a thick fabric, fabric has excellent strength and toughness, whether it is made into canvas shoes or canvas bags are wear resistant and durable, because of the presence of cotton fibers in the fabric, so the canvas also has a very good moisture absorption, the fabric is easy to process can be printed or jacquard processing, the canvas fabric as a whole will give a person a kind of simple, vintage and close to the feeling of nature. The feeling of canvas, of course, canvas also have defects, rainy days, if the canvas shoes get wet, then not so easy to dry, if the canvas quality is not good, then easy to fade out of color situation. Canvas is used in bags, shoes, tablecloths and other products.

Which is better, canvas or oxford cloth?

The above is the introduction of the characteristics of canvas, Oxford cloth is also a commonly used fabric for making bags and tablecloths, we can first compare the characteristics of Oxford cloth and canvas, compared with canvas, Oxford cloth will be lighter, and they have the same excellent performance in terms of wear resistance. Canvas feel feel thicker, and Oxford cloth is a softer one, there are also garments will be produced with Oxford cloth, specific which fabric is good or according to the preferences of the person who uses it as well as the purpose to decide.

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