Today I will present to you a type of flexible material for clothes-4 way stretch fabric. As like the name, four way stretch fabric is a type of flexible material on all 4 sides. Its cornerstones are spandex. Polyester and spandex are additionally The major reason that four way stretch fabrics have better flexibility is the material primarily utilized in clothes, couches, and different areas. We will combine the pros and cons of 4 way stretch fabric.

The advantages of four way fabric:

The highlight is its excellent flexibility. The clothing made from this material will feel not much control. And it will be able to move more easily. It is frequently used in women’s clothing, sports suits, and tights. It is wear-resistant and no easy creases. The cost is cheaper than cotton. It is a cheap price fabric.

The disadvantage of four way fabric:

Its major disadvantage is that the color fastness is relatively ordinary. Dark-colored four-sided elastic tends to fade after washing, which in turn affects the appearance and quality of clothes. We also sell a variety of four-way stretch fabrics. Here are some recommended ones.

Play chicken tissue from all sides: The composition of this four-way elastic is 65% rayon + 35% ammonia core-spun nylon. Its weight is 420g/m² and its width is 158cm. It is suitable for making dresses, T-shirts, trousers, and other clothing. The wholesale price of the fabric is 56 yuan per kg.

Four-way stretch twill: The fabric contains multiple components and is made of 65% polyester + 30% nylon + 5% elastane. The weight and width of the fabric are 420g/m² and 150cm respectively. The fabric is soft and flexible and can be used for the production of dresses and sportswear. This fabric is available in 14 colors and the price of the fabric is 68 yuan per meter.”

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