The Naturally colored cottons

Many people may think white color is only have natural color cotton. In fact,as textile technology developing, there has so many different naturally colored cottons such as green cotton,brown cotton and some other color cotton fiber on the market.Therefore,there are more and more naturally colored cotton customer can choose.

What is the natural colored cotton?

Color cotton is a type of cotton grown with modern-day textile technology. The greatest difference between this type of cotton and common one is the cotton has color or not.It is likewise a high-grade apparel fabric basic material, so far not many people learn about the natural colored cotton. In order to have a better understanding of this type of organic cotton. We will certainly discuss things on the color cotton and pure cotton. We will talk about the difference between color cotton and pure cotton.

The Different types of colored cottons

Color cotton is born with color such as green cotton ,brown cotton and so on .It can skip the step of conventional white cotton painting ,which is heathly to human body and prevent the pollution on the environment. This is particular that common pure cotton does not have.

Color cotton has a high wetness reclaim. This type of textile is not susceptible to fixed electrical power or pilling. At the same time, it has excellent wetness absorption and air leaks in the structure like conventional white cotton.The Clothing construction from the textile are breathable and sweat-absorbent and can maintain the skin completely dry, which is ideal for today’s individual search of good quality life.

This type of top quality cotton combied with technique has superb crease resistance and contraction resistance. It can be stated to offset the imperfections of pure cotton fabric. Certainly, the fabric will certainly be a lot easier to solve the imperfection, so it is likewise increasingly more individuals are picking tinted cotton.

The Cost of colored cotton

Throughout the colored cotton plants growing process, the colored cotton has far better dry spell resistance and far better insect resistance than natural white cotton. It is not just reducing to make the chemicals usage,also reducing the expenses. The greater return takes full advantage of the cost efficiency of colored cotton. Consequently, the farming cost of colored cotton is higher, its price is more expensive than common pure cotton.

The above are the attributes of colored cotton materials and difference in between naturally colored cotton and pure cotton explained by ecommyj textile world, if you want to know more about materials, you can send us email. We will try to solve your textile problem.


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