Gold velvet fabric is high quality clothing fabrics.This tyoe of material is constructed from intertwined silk and viscose filaments. Throughout the handling of the material, it will certainly experience procedures such as training and dyeing. The suede surface area is limited, fragile and really soft. Gold velvet material will certainly make individuals look stunning and rich.Visual effect, so this type of material is additionally incredibly popular amongst consumers.We will certainly present you to the usages and costs of gold velvet fabric.

Gold velvet gown and skirt: This is a type of garments that ladies love , since the surface area of the gold velour material has excellent shade and appeal, and the skirt is worthy and stylish when wear. At the same time, the gold velvet material additionally has excellent warm retention, it will certainly be preferable to put on in fall and winter season.

Gold Velvet Coat: Both males and females can locate an ideal design. When selecting trousers, you can select trousers or pants. Gold velour has remarkable wetness absorption and breathability, so using this type of coat will not really feel also stale. for all ages customer.

In the production of garments, gold velvet fabric can use in the manufacturing of textiles such as drape sheets, table linens and couch covers and other furniture upholstery. Obviously, it is additionally made use of in bags and safety seat pillows. A lot of usages additionally make gold velvet play a important role in the area of material competition.

How much does gold velvet material cost?

The raw products of gold velvet in the wholesale market are primarily viscose or chemical fiber resources. So the price of this type of gold velour is additionally reasonably affordable. The wholesale price of the material has to do with 10 yuan per meter, however if there is silk in the components, the price will certainly be higher. Generally, it sets you back concerning 50 yuan per meter, so it is much better to ask about the certain make-up of the material when buying. Obviously, you can additionally most likely to contact us to buy gold velvet material.We can help you find the high quality velvet fabric .


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