Jute belongs to the same herbaceous plants as flax, plants can be planted in a moist and warm environment, the domestic planted mainly in places south of the Yangtze River, jute in addition to having a very high medicinal value, can also be used for clothing and other textile production, jute fabrics that are made of jute, the fabric has many excellent characteristics, we will explain to you the characteristics of the jute fabrics as well as the jute fabrics are prone to Wrinkle these two issues.

The characteristics of jute fabric:

Jute fabrics in all aspects of the characteristics are very similar to linen, fabric feel rough and even have a sense of solid, so this fabric is more used in the production of sacks, and is not suitable for use in the production of intimate apparel. Jute fabric made of clothes before wearing the best to wash with softener.

Jute belongs to the same class of hemp so it is with hemp commonality, hemp fabrics are not good elasticity but very wear-resistant, jute is no exception, the fabric is not easy to break can be used for the production of hemp rope and other products.

The fiber structure of the hemp fiber determines the jute fabric will have a strong moisture absorption and breathability, and its excellent antibacterial properties, the product is not easy to mold and insects. Therefore, no need to take care of too much energy.

Jute fabric has anti-ultraviolet, heat insulation and sound insulation features, you can use jute fabric to produce the hall or bedroom curtains, will give the room to create a kind of retro and silent environment, which inadvertently improves the quality of people’s sleep. Jute fabrics as a whole is not easy to pilling of a fabric, at least not as easy as chemical fiber and cotton fabrics so easy to pilling.

No. 3 fabric hall also has a variety of jute surface or other linen fabrics for sale, the need to buy friends can go to the No. 3 museum shopping mall, the following also recommend a few sales of better linen fabrics.

Solid color rough jute fabric: the main component of the fabric is jute, its width is 150cm, the fabric has a unique smell, clear texture and very strong toughness, this jute fabric is suitable for the production of sacks, wrapping paper and hemp God and other products, the fabric price of 16 yuan a meter.

Linen interstice: the composition of the fabric is 100% linen, its grammage and width are 180g/m² and 160cm respectively, linen fabric is natural and breathable without pollution, you can make clothes and socks and other products, the price of this linen fabric is 45 dollars per meter.

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