Fabric recycling is the second processing on the basis of the original material, usually the clothing material. Developed by the developers to deal with these clothing materials, their morphological attributes, performance attributes will get great changes, and thus greatly enhance the avant-courier. Fabric recycling, is also the essential skill of design, fabric recycling method, there are many. Below we will share a few commonly used fabric recycling method.

Change the structural attributes to customize cells. These methods include cutting, adding, grinding, suture, etc.To make the fabric appear more stylistic(with pride). A simple example is the jeans we wear, and the holes in the jeans, grinding, hessian were also as created by the styles were the most utilized the method of changing the structure of the fabric.

The fabric is merged, and a layer fabric is created. After the merger of the design process, the fabric is dependent on the point to present the concave and convex, thick to thin visual effect. This effect can be omitted in the merger to achieve.

Some material is added to the fabric surface: with the addition of other materials the original fabric, or fabric on the there is suture, embroidery printing, adhesive. Of course, these methods can also play the role of more original fabric merged to give clothes a better fashion level.

Of course,there are many fabric refurbish method, such as, suture, embroidery, printing, adhesives, in the print, and weave, merger, knit etc. Our website will be on time announced that the method for the suture, the new trend in fabric design and production of the new clothing fabric for the magazine.

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