In our daily work and life, the static electricity on our clothes always brings about all sorts of trouble, especially in the dry winter season. Clothes are often seen sticking uncomfortably to the skin and hampering movement, not to mention making a very unsightly sight. Normally we’d be tempted to simply have a little water sprayed onto clothes in order to cut down on static electricity, but during medical operations, or some other special occasions, antistatic treatments are often used to prevent this phenomenon. We will introduce as many as three kinds of antistatic fabrics that are widely used.

Tencel cashmere fabric

This fabric is made of tencel and cashmere and is 165cm in width, with a weight of 200g/m², and it is put through an antistatic treatment so that garments made from it hardly ever generate static electricity. They may be soft and comfortable against the skin, and it is suitable for the making of T-shirts, skirts and all other sorts of the very latest fashions. The wholesale price is currently 45 yuan per meter.

Antistatic workwear fabric

This antistatic fabric is 80% polyester and 20% cotton, is 150g/m² and has a width of 150cm, moderate thickness, no stretch amount. it is interwoven with conductive fibers, the manufacturing operation that allows static charges on a person to be dissipated through these fibers.These are conductive and it’s antistatic agent permanently,along with oil, resistance to washing times, etc. It is at one with the clothes all wearing safety workwear. The first meter price per meter for^16.5yuan^prefs only.

Polyester cotton gauze fabric

This fabric is 80% polyester and 20% cotton, is soft and thick, is of European and American style, has good air permeability and sweat absorption, and has been antistatic treatment, providing excellent. It is suitable for made into all kinds of dress. The price, the cost of this fabric is 20 dollars per metre.

The introduction of these three kinds of fabric cheered the people in the emergent occasion not only added function to clothes, but consider a lot of antistatic, in his mind, makes the people comfortable and secure.

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