Common materials you are likely to encounter include more natural fabrics, such as those made from animal hair, and synthetic fibres, such as spandex. Woven fabrics are another group. From the tightly woven fabric that is plain woven fabric to the more fun and funky plain weave fabric, there are other weaves such as twill weave, satin weave, etc, which give the different texture and appearance to the fabrics. Transparent fabric and lightweight fabric are terms that also describe the feel and weight of the fabric.

The quality and value of garments depends more on fiber content than fabric construction. While most people associate cotton with basic natural fibers, like those from the cotton plant or the flax plant, there are now types of synthetic cotton. Fabric technology continues to grow, producing new knit fabric and woven fabric, and with their different properties, a range of wholesale fabric for clothing. There are now also knitted fabric textiles and woven fabric textiles found in everything from natural fabrics, made from animal hair, and synthetic fibres like spandex, to high-end luxurious fabric types, making a broad selection for both wholesale and retail markets. As far as popularity, it is the basic natural fibers that enjoy the widest appeal to consumers, and the advantage here can be with fiber content, not construction.

Common fabric types we have:

Cotton fabric: This fabric features knitted apparels and also woven apparels that are soft and comfortable, and comes from the cotton plant, meaning it is a natural fiber that is sustainable and renewable. It is most known for its breathability and good moisture-wicking ability, making it very comfortable against the skin. Additionally, with so many choices, like brushed cotton, or bamboo cotton, there is nothing that can not be made of cotton, from the towels you use, to your bed sheets, to the shirts you wear.

Linen fabric:

Like the woven that comes from flax or ramie, or even jute or hemp, linen is absorbent and strong, and known especially for a great weave fabric for summer wear, especially in T-shirts. Additionally, it is also antibacterial and odor resistant, a feature that makes it as popular as linen socks.

Polyester fabric:

Garments and other products like bags and flags made from polyester feature good wear resistance, are very durable, and have a low cost to produce.

Nylon fabric:

Like polyester, nylon is a strong and resistant synthetic fiber. Nylon apparel is very durable and stretchy, without the constraint, and it has a huge fashion industry staple especially in wholesale fabric.Nylon carries with it a unique sheen.

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