Canvas fabric is a thicker material made from either cotton (known as cotton canvas fabric) or linen. There are two types of canvas: coarse canvas and fine canvas. Canvas has many excellent properties which make it highly versatile. Common products made from canvas include shoes, pillows,handbags, home decor and napkins. To help you better understand the canvas fabrics, we will describe its features below.

The characterstic of canvas fabrics:

Firstly, the resistance is a significant feature of canvas fabric, which means that canvas products are durable even after being subjected to wear and tear. Secondly, canvas fabirc is not easily warped and therefore requires minimal maintenance. This is the most reason why canvas is commonly used to make bags. Additionally, during the manufacturing process, canvas fabric can be made waterproof, fire-resistant and radiation-proof, which further enhances its versatility .

The material used to make canvas fabric is safe and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals throughout its production and process.The directly contact with the skin won’t cause any allergic reactions or uncomfort. The canvas products have a vintage design.They are easy to use and very highly stylish. Moreover, canvas fabric is relatively affordable as you can purchase one meter for 5 dollars in China, making it a cost-effective option for customers.

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