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Luxurious Warm Fabric for Your Cozy and Creative Fashion Projects


  • Made with a cozy mix of Tencel, Cashmere, Acrylic, and Spandex.
  • Fabric is soft and keeps you warm, perfect for sweaters and dresses.
  • Comes in a beautiful solid color that looks great on everyone.
  • Wide at 150cm, giving lots of fabric to work with for projects.
  • Weighs 200g per square meter, making it lightweight yet durable.
  • Great for making DIY clothes or items for kids too.

We’ve got our hands on a fantastic fabric blend that’s taking the DIY and apparel world by storm. Imagine wrapping yourself in the soft embrace of cashmere, combined with the durable, eco-friendly touch of Tencel. Add to this mix acrylic for resilience and spandex for that essential stretch, and you’ve found your new favorite material for sweaters, cardigans, dresses – you name it.

At 200g/㎡ grammage and a width of 150cm, this yarn-dyed fabric offers both comfort and wide coverage for various projects. Its solid color pattern echoes European and American style trends, making it perfect for those looking to add a touch of sophistication to their wardrobe or crafts. Thinking about sewing a custom piece? The blend’s durability means your creations hold up well over time – ideal for children’s clothes or everyday wear staples.

Plus, working with this fabric is a breeze thanks to its spun yarns and hand feel properties. No more struggling with materials that just don’t cooperate! Whether it’s quilting or creating activewear, envisioning your project coming together seamlessly is now reality. So gear up – it’s time to transform those ideas into tangible, cozy creations everyone will love.


  • No. A0360
  • Content: 33% Tencel 20% Cashmere 42% Acrylic 5% Spandex
  • Process: Printing and Dyeing
  • Grammage: 200g/㎡
  • Width: 150cm
  • Specification: 1kg≈3.5m
  • Style: Europe and America
  • Pattern: Solid Color
  • Use: Sweater, cardigan, dress, smock, children’s fabric, DIY, etc…



  • We find the blend of 33% Tencel and 20% Cashmere makes this fabric super soft. Imagine wearing a sweater that feels like a gentle hug all day.
  • The addition of 42% Acrylic helps keep the shape and adds durability. Think about your favorite cardigan that lasts for years, looking as good as new.
  • With 5% Spandex, you get flexibility. Whether stretching up or bending down, your clothes move with you without feeling tight.
  • A grammage of 200g/㎡ means it’s not too heavy or too light. Perfect for layering in winter or on its own during spring nights.
  • The solid color pattern offers endless style options – from classy cardigans to chic dresses. You’re crafting pieces that stand out in simplicity.
  • Its wide width at 150cm allows for more efficient use when cutting patterns, reducing waste while maximizing creativity in designs like DIY projects or kids’ clothing.


  • Soft touch… 33% Tencel and 20% Cashmere blend, feels amazing on skin.
  • Warm and cozy, perfect for cold days; thanks to the added acrylic.
  • Durable stretch – with 5% Spandex, it moves as you do.
  • Easy care; the fabric holds up well with regular washing.
  • Versatile use – make anything from sweaters to kid’s clothes.

Use Cases

Cozy Sweaters for Fall

We make sweaters that keep you warm and stylish. Our High-Grade Tencel Cashmere fabric blends softness with durability. Imagine wrapping yourself in a sweater that feels like a hug on a chilly day. This fabric’s mix of cashmere and spandex gives it stretch, so your sweater fits just right, every time.

Trendy Cardigans for Layering

We create cardigans that are perfect for layering over your favorite shirts or dresses. With our fabric, these cardigans don’t just add warmth; they boost your outfit with a touch of elegance. The solid color pattern lets you match them with anything while the high-quality knit ensures they hold their shape, wear after wear.

Custom DIY Projects

We encourage crafting unique pieces at home using our Tencel Cashmere fabric. Whether it’s making cozy smocks for kids or customizing your own dress, this fabric is versatile enough to bring any idea to life. Its easy-to-dye nature allows for endless creativity in colors and designs—perfect for those who love adding personal touches to their wardrobe or home decor.


1. What makes Tencel Cashmere fabric special for cold weather?

Tencel Cashmere blends wickability and breathability properties, making them perfect for warm clothing… Soft to touch, durable against shrinkage, it holds up in all-weather.

2. Can this fabric be used for any style of garment?

Absolutely! From sportswear like polo shirts and sweatshirts… to casual t-shirts or even elegant dress shirts. Its versatility allows knitting or weaving into various designs – think seamless knits to textured wovens.

3. How does the water repellent feature work on this fabric?

This high-grade material comes with a durable water-repellent treatment… Rain? Snow? No problem – it resists water while keeping you dry and comfortable.

4. Is the Tencel Cashmere fabric eco-friendly?

Yes! It uses regenerated cellulose from lyocell fibers – supporting carbon offset efforts with recycled content… Eco-conscious, it’s a step towards sustainability without compromising quality.

5. Do I need special care instructions for my garments made from this fabric?

Not really… Treat them kindly with proper laundry practices; avoid high heat that could cause shrinkage or damage life cycle of the yarns used — modal, cotton, spandex/lycra – keep those fibers happy for longevity.


Get Creative with Luxury Fabric

This fabric is perfect for the fashion-forward thinker, keen on crafting unique, comfy pieces. Ideal for anyone drawn to luxury – think sweaters, dresses, even DIY projects. Dive into a world of quality and warmth… start your next project today!

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