Different types of plain woven lingerie fabrics

Natural fibers such as cotton, linen, and silk are commonly used to make plain weave fabrics for lingerie. These fabrics have a smooth and comfortable texture that enhances the wearer’s comfort. The simple texture and low weave density of plain weave fabric allow for good breathability, effectively wicking away moisture from the body and providing a cooler and more comfortable experience. Additionally, the soft texture and smoothness of plain weave fabric make it easy to care for. It can be easily cleaned through machine washing or hand washing, and its lack of visible lines on the surface makes it less likely to accumulate dirt and grime, allowing for long-term cleanliness.

Silk underwear

Silk underwear was known for its light and soft silk is the production of underwear fabric of choice, the unique charm of silk favored by female, silk underwear in addition to excellent comfort, there are certain health functions, because the breathability and moisture absorption of silk are excellent, and human thermoregulation plays an important role, silk fabrics have been awarded the human’s “second skin” title.

Velvet Underwear

Although the velvet underwear has not been introduced for a long time, but with cotton does not have the elegance and dignity and Lycra does not have the feeling of smoothness, generally in the velvet will also have embroidery process, the current velvet underwear is also more popular style.

Hemp Fiber

Hemp fiber is extracted from the stalk of hemp, although the texture is slightly coarse and easy to become wrinkled, but the breathability of hemp is undoubtedly, especially in the summer hemp fiber underwear can bring you a sense of coolness, in addition to hemp is more wear-resistant and elastic, is one of the more popular underwear fabrics.

Cotton Fabrics

Cotton fabrics have sweat-absorbing and breathable role, the key is to keep warm with a great sense of comfort, more suitable for the production of underwear, of course, now there are some cotton and other fibers blended underwear fabrics, can make underwear has a better supportive effect, from the aesthetic sense, cotton underwear is more natural simplicity and youthfulness.

Other Underwear Fabrics

In addition to the above mentioned types of underwear fabrics, there are polyester, nylon and other chemical fiber fabrics, they also have moisture absorption and other characteristics, but the overall is still not as good as the above types.

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