• Explore top-tier durability with our Premium Medium-Weight Nylon 210D Fabric for lightweight outdoor gear. Elevate your creations!
  • Nylon 420D Yarn is a durable and robust fabric, specifically designed for applications that require strength and resilience. With a denier of 420, it is heavier than Nylon 210D, making it suitable for heavy-duty use. Its higher denier count ensures that it can withstand greater wear and tear, making it an excellent choice for outdoor gear, backpacks, luggage, and other items that require extra durability.
  • Viscose 150D Yarn refers to the denier or thickness of the yarn, with 150D being a mid-weight specification for viscose.
  • Application: Suitable for ladies' suits, silk, handbag, lace embroidery, etc.
  • Viscose 75d is a type of viscose yarn with a fineness of 75 deniers and 24 filaments. It finds wide application in various textile and apparel industries due to its softness, drapability, and breathability. The 75d 24f viscose yarn is commonly used for making lightweight and comfortable fabrics, such as dresses, blouses, and scarves, offering a luxurious feel and elegant drape to the end products.
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