Linen cotton chevron sweater fabric plaid checkered tops pants dresses apparel fabrics

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Timeless European and American Style Plaid Apparel Fabrics Offered!


  • Linen cotton blend for comfort and breathability
  • Chevron sweater fabric for a trendy and stylish look
  • Plaid checkered design for a classic and fashionable appearance
  • Suitable for making tops, pants, dresses, and other apparel items
  • 1 kilogram equals approximately 2.6 meters, providing good value for money

We found this linen cotton chevron sweater fabric to be a durable and breathable material suitable for creating a variety of apparel. The printing and dyeing process ensure vibrant plaid patterns, making it ideal for sweatshirts, bottom shirts, and long-sleeve tops.

The blend of 15% linen, 35% cotton, and 50% polyester provides a balanced mix of comfort and sturdiness. Its weight of 215g/㎡ and width of 170cm make it an excellent choice for designers looking to create stylish yet functional clothing pieces.

In my experience as a fabric buyer, I appreciate the quality and versatility this fabric offers. Its European and American style adds a trendy touch to any design while ensuring comfort for the wearer.

Product Lists:

  • No. K303146
  • Ingredient content: 15% linen 35% cotton 50% polyester
  • Process: Printing and Dyeing
  • Grammage: 215g/㎡
  • Width: 170cm
  • Style: Europe and America
  • Pattern: Plaid
  • Use: Sweatshirt, Bottom Shirt, Long Sleeve, etc…
  • Specification: 1kg≈2.6m



  • Product Features:
  • Durable Blend: 15% linen, 35% cotton, and 50% polyester blend offers a perfect balance of strength and comfort, ensuring long-lasting quality for your apparel projects.
  • Vibrant Plaid Pattern: The printing and dyeing process brings out the plaid pattern with vivid colors and clarity, adding a stylish touch to your sweatshirts, bottom shirts, and long-sleeve tops.
  • Ideal Weight and Width: With a weight of 215g/㎡ and a width of 170cm, it’s versatile for creating various clothing pieces like dresses, pants, or tops without feeling too heavy or restrictive.
  • European & American Style: Reflect the trendy fashion scene by incorporating the fabric’s European and American style into your designs to appeal to modern fashion enthusiasts.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for different garments such as bedding items or home décor projects like quilts or even creative ventures like embroidery due to its adaptability.
  • Resourceful Sourcing: Find this premium fabric on popular platforms like Etsy or from textile industries dealing with blended fabrics.


  • Versatile material: Suitable for a variety of clothing items such as sweatshirts, long sleeve tops, and bottom shirts.
  • Durable composition: Made with 15% linen, 35% cotton, and 50% polyester for longevity and comfort.
  • Fashionable style: Adheres to the European and American style sensibilities for trendy apparel creations.
  • Ideal weight: Weighing at 215g/㎡, it offers a perfect balance of substance without being too heavy.
  • Generous width: With a width of 170cm, there’s ample fabric to work with for various garment designs.

Use Cases

Use Case 1: Design Versatility

We have found that the linen cotton chevron sweater fabric is great for creating a variety of apparel, from trendy tops to stylish pants. Its plaid pattern and European and American style make it an excellent choice for fashion-forward garments.

Use Case 2: Comfortable and Breathable Apparel

When we used this fabric to make sweatshirts and long-sleeve tops, we were impressed by its comfort due to the blend of linen, cotton, and polyester. The breathability of the material makes it suitable for all-day wear.

Use Case 3: Durable and Vibrant Prints

The printing and dyeing process adds vibrancy to the plaid pattern on this fabric. In our experience, even after multiple washes, the colors remained vivid, making it ideal for creating durable dresses with eye-catching designs.


1. What makes these fabrics stand out in the fashion industry?

They’re unique, combining linen and cotton for comfort… Plus, their chevron and plaid patterns? Top-notch for any garment—sweaters, tops, pants, dresses. They truly set a trend.

2. Are these fabrics water-resistant or waterproof?

Yes—and no. They offer some protection against spills—think water-resistant, not fully waterproof. Handy for unexpected rain or that spilled coffee.

3. Can I use this fabric for items other than clothing?

Absolutely! Imagine: chic chairs covered in chevron or checkered fabric… It’s an instant room makeover.

4. How do I care for these fabrics to keep them looking great?

Simple rules here: wash gently; avoid harsh chemicals; dry with care… This keeps your pieces looking as good as new.

5. Where can I learn more about your products?

Just hit up our website—cookie notice pops up first thing; just click OK…. Then deep-dive into all the details on our linens and cottons.


Discover Timeless Style with Linen Cotton Chevron Sweater Fabric Plaid Checkered Tops Pants Dresses Apparel Fabrics

Embrace classic elegance and comfort with our linen cotton chevron sweater fabric, perfect for those who appreciate European and American style. Ideal for crafting sweatshirts, bottom shirts, long sleeve tops and more. Elevate your wardrobe today!


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