Corduroy is generally cotton or polyester and other chemical fibers as raw materials, through the cut weft pile made of the way, because the cloth surface of the velvet strip is a strip of corduroy core and named corduroy, also known in some places as corduroy velvet, corduroy has a lot of excellent functional characteristics, suitable for coats, jackets and other products. So this article No. 3 fabric museum with you to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of corduroy and this fabric is good, these two issues.

Advantages of corduroy:

Whether it is made of cotton or chemical fiber raw materials made of corduroy, the texture of the velvet surface is clear, the luster is soft and uniform, touch has an extremely comfortable touch, the fabric is thick and has a very good warmth and wear resistance. In the fall and winter jackets and some casual wear production will use corduroy.

Corduroy shortcomings:

Corduroy although wear-resistant but its strength is not high, along the direction of the velvet strip fabric strength is low, so easy to tear, in the corduroy products need to spend more energy in terms of care, because corduroy in the washing will appear in varying degrees after the phenomenon of shrinkage or loss of hair, and ironing will damage the quality of the fabric, which is common to the velvet products and therefore it is also difficult to avoid this phenomenon. Secondly, the washing time to control the strength, have to use a soft brush in the direction of the fluff gently brushing, do not recommend that we use the washing machine to clean corduroy products.

Corduroy is good?

Corduroy has been introduced to date has been a very good sales shows that this fabric has been the market and consumer affirmation, and corduroy products are also very popular, which is enough to show that corduroy is a very good kind of fabric. 3 fabric museum also has a variety of corduroy fabrics for sale, want to understand or buy friends can go to the No. 3 museum mall to check the price. Here to introduce you to a No. 3 Hall sells better corduroy.

Thin strip corduroy: the composition of this corduroy is 100% cotton, fabric width and weight were 145cm and 230g/m², fabric thick wear-resistant but very soft, while having a good warmth, can be used to make jackets, pants and other clothing. The wholesale price of the fabric is 30 yuan per meter.

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