Silk quilts and goose down quilts are good quality quilts.These two quilts are comfortable and soft and have good warmth, recently many consumers are discussing the goose down quilts or silk quilts. We will compare the characteristics and differences between the two quilts.

Goose down quilt or Silk quilt good?

First to understand what is goose down quilt, goose down quilt is generally made of goose down (gray goose down, white goose down and other blends) as filler quilt, of course, some manufacturers will also use gray duck down, but duck down is certainly not as good as goose down, goose down is soft and fluffy with better elasticity, goose down quilt moisture absorption and perspiration will not have a sense of oppression on the cover, the animal protein fibers will be better than cotton and other plant fibers have better thermal properties The animal protein fiber has better warmth than cotton and other plant fibers, and has excellent warmth effect.

The quality of white goose down will be better than gray goose down, the market of the goose down content is generally 75% to 80% between the general price of this goose down quilt is generally more than 2,000 yuan, so in the purchase of goose down quilt to learn to identify the authenticity of less than 1,000 yuan are basically synthetic synthetic imitations of synthetic fibers.

Silk quilt maybe not so familiar for everyone. to silk (mainly mulberry silk) for the filler made of quilt, silk quilt fluffy and soft also has a very good warmth, a silk quilt price is generally below 1000 yuan, just from the price point of view, if the goose down quilt seems to be better than silk quilt, silk is not easy to maintain, easy to appear insect mold and other situations, care up to be more complex than goose down quilt, warmth overall! Not as good as the goose down quilt, but the silk quilt cost-effective and therefore has a very good sales, specifically to buy which quilt to combine their own budget and preferences.

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