What is nylon fabric?

Synthetic fabrics

Nylon, or polyamide, is a synthetic fibers. It is made from synthetic polymers compounds that are polymerized and have high strength. The synthetic fibers are also resist corrosion, wear, and do not fade easily. It is widely used in the textile industry, industrial, military, and other fields.It is one of the best fabric for finished products like clothing, outdoor gear, fishing nets,seat belts etc. These can make from nylon production. It is usually blended with other fibers that has many of the same characteristics as nylon fabric. These blended fabrics have include being strong, durable, lightweight, chemically stable, and having better moisture absorption.

The advantages of nylon fabric

The durability of nylon fabrics is excellent because they have a much higher abrasion resistance than other fiber fabrics.

The fabric of nylon is better at absorbing moisture, so it’s more comfortable than polyester.

The lightweight nylon fabric is ideal for mountaineering,nylon clothing and other uses.

Nylon fabrics are known for their excellent elasticity.

The disadvantages of nylon fabric

The fabric of nylon is easily deformed by external forces, so it can become wrinkled when worn.

Using nylon fabric can damage it due to its poor heat and light resistance.

The breathability of nylon fabric

What about the breathability of nylon fabric ? The breathability of nylon is good enough but also good resilience, high-strength, as well as wear-resistant and moisture absorption. This fabric is better suited for hiking clothing, windbreakers or down jackets. The addition of natural fibers, like those made from brocade cotton, will enhance the product.When stretched up to 3-6% the elasticity can reach 100%.The Nylon fibers were the first synthetic fiber to appear in the world. It is a polyamide (nylon). The introduction of nylon gives textiles a whole new look. Its synthesis represents a significant breakthrough in the synthetic fibre industry and also an important milestone in polymer family.


What is the difference between nylon and polyester fabric ?


The conformability of nylon is poor,and the fabric is not firm and is easily deformed.

Heat resistance

The heat temperatures should not exceed 140 degrees, because nylon’s heat resistance is inadequate.

The Feeling

The surface of the nylon weave is smoother and more glossy. You can use to make clothing like sportswear, swimmingwear, bodybuilding clothes, socks and more.

On performance

Nylon is stronger, has a better elastic recovery and abrasion resistance than polyester. It also absorbs moisture more effectively and can be dyed.

Chemical Properties

The polyester is not resistant to alkali and sunlight. Light resistance is poor, and nylon is resistant to alkali but not acid.


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