Under the sun for a very long time will significantly damage human health . It can cause from tanning to sunburn and even ther skin cancer. Therefore, we should pay attention to protect ourselves from the damage of sun. Using sun protective clothing with sun protection factor products can actually reduce this happen. Whether the clothings have sun protection function is depending on the textile of the clothing.We will introduce to you about three different types of sun protection clothing material.

Introduction about sun protection clothing materials

First,sun protection shirt we use. sun protection shirts which has ultraviolet protection factor are typically made from the polyester and various other sun protection chemical fibers . After the sun protection process for the material, it has a anti-UV layer on the surface of the textile to reduce the skin cancer.

Second,pongee sun protection fabric is generally for producing suitcase , or some specialist wear . The raw product for the clothing is also polyester material . Throughout the procedure, PU and PVC layers are additionally included on the surface area of the clothes to protect from uv rays. There has three different types of pongee on the market: semi-elastic, full-elastic and full-elastic pongee.

Third,five-piece satin fabric is additionally has uv protection feature.The five-piece satin fabric is made from the polyester material which looks similar to satin fabric. The fabric has uv radiation on the front side and the back side is matte. It is common to use on camping tents, shirts, tops and different other uv protective clothing . The five-piece satin fabric is cheap on the market.It is each meter less than 10 yuan now in China.

Actually, the fabrics are is not transpant or has mesh shape, the majority of materials will have sun protective feature. In a additional , in order to optimize the sun safe result, a layer of UV security layer is put on the surface area of the equivalent textile throughout handling.

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