I want to present to you every person who are commonly closely connected with a type of garment fabric. It is Tencel clothing fabric, likewise referred as lyocell fabrics. The tencel fabric(lyocell fabric) is made from plant fiber as basic material. After specific manufacturing and processing procedures, It is made from safe and eco-friendly resources, and no harmful materials will be generated throughout the whole manufacturing and processing process. It is a type of environmentally friendly fabric. We will present to you the qualities of Tencel fabric and also the price of Tencel fabric.

The functional homes of Tencel fabric are extremely near to that of pure cotton in all elements, as well as it has outstanding performance in moisture absorption and also breathability. Consequently, Tencel fabric, like pure cotton, appropriates for making T-shirts, underwear and various other undergarments.

Tencel fabric feel soft, and also its drape is additionally excellent. So the clothes made from the textile are trendy, vivid and also really comfortable when used. The textile itself has an elegant look. Tencel has a particular elasticity, so the fabric is hard to leave creases after folding. Or it’s much easier to iron. Moreover, Tencel likewise has good spinnability and can be blended with textiles such as cotton, bed linen, silk and woolen. This can make the characteristics of the fabric extra diverse. At the exact same time, Tencel fabrics are not costly, so this kind of clothing also has Greater cost efficiency.

Tencel fabrics are made up of cellulose fibers, which are short, thin and fragile, so Tencel fabrics generally do not shrink usually.But it may shrink when washed in an improper way or when encountering chemicals material.In order to avoid shrinkage of Tencel fabrics, it is recommended to use neutral detergents when washing, not strong alkaline or bleach. Tencel fabrics should not be ironed at high temperatures, it should be low-temperature ironing. It should not be exposed to the sun.

Tencel fabric advantage

Tencel fabric as a new fabric, Tencel fabric naturally has a lot of other fabrics can not be compared to the advantages. In terms of sustainable fabric, tencel is from natural materials .The tencel production is not adding any chemical composition. fabrics natural, green products, high security performance; in terms of touch, fabrics are very soft and smooth feeling, and our real have a general sense of touch; in terms of performance, the fabric has a strong dry and wet strength, in the state of dry and wet, the toughness of the fabrics are still as good as ever, so that people are very assured that the fabric and cellulose fibers holding power between the fabrics, and let people very relieved! And the fabric and cellulose fibers between the holding force is greater, easier to blend, shrinkage is very low, with the original fiber characteristics.

What is the price of tencel fabric?

The price per meter is often greater than 6-10 usd in China, depending on the quality. The general price is really comparable to pure cotton textiles.

Tencel stretch silk: The composition of this fabric is 90% Tencel + 10% stretch silk. The fabric is soft, smooth and has excellent breathability. It additionally has a great drape. The good elongation also makes the fabric less prone to creases. It’s applicability is: it can be used for Knitting – bottoming, T-shirts, vests etc.


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