21s linen-cotton interlaced fabric sweat absorbent breathable T-shirt undershirt cardigan clothing fabrics

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Breathable and Stylish Fabric for Comfortable Everyday Fashion


  • Made of 55% linen and 45% cotton
  • Sweat absorbent and breathable
  • Suitable for dresses, T – shirts, and skirts
  • Weight of fabric: 145g per square meter
  • Width: 155cm
  • Interstripe pattern suitable for Europe and America style

The 21s linen-cotton interlaced fabric combines the breathability of linen with the durability of cotton, making it perfect for comfortable and long-lasting clothing. With a weight of 145g/㎡ and a width of 155cm, this fabric is versatile and suitable for various types of garments, including T-shirts, skirts, and dresses. The dyeing and printing process ensures vibrant colors and patterns that align with European and American fashion styles.

We found the interstripe pattern adds a trendy touch to any garment made from this fabric. Plus, its sweat-absorbent nature makes it ideal for undershirts or activewear. As fabric buyers, we appreciate that these features make it easy to create stylish yet functional clothing pieces.

This fabric also comes with the added benefit of being fsc-certified, ensuring responsible sourcing practices in its production – an important factor for environmentally-conscious consumers like us.

Product Lists:

    • No. K303119
    • Ingredient content: 55% linen 45% cotton
    • Process: Dyeing and Printing
    • Grammage: 145g/㎡
    • Width: 155cm
    • Style: Europe and America
    • Pattern: Interstripe
    • Use: Dresses, T-shirts, skirts, etc…
    • Specification: 1kg≈4.5m



  • Features

    • Made with a blend of 55% linen and 45% cotton for ultimate durability and comfort, ensuring long – lasting quality in garments.
    • Fabric undergoes a dyeing and printing process that results in vibrant colors and patterns, making the clothing stand out with eye-catching designs.
    • Weighs 145g/㎡, offering an optimal thickness for various types of garments, giving a balanced feel that is not too heavy or too light on the body.
    • Width of the fabric is 155cm, accommodating a wide range of clothing designs, providing flexibility to create different styles without constraints.
    • Features an interstripe pattern for a modern European and American fashion – inspired look, adding trendy flair to any garment made from this fabric.
    • Suitable for use in dresses, T – shirts, skirts, etc., catering to diverse fashion needs such as casual wear or special occasions.


    • Durable and comfortable blend of 55% linen and 45% cotton
    • Vibrant colors and patterns due to dyeing and printing process
    • Optimal thickness at 145g/㎡ for various garment types
    • Versatile with a width of 155cm, suitable for a wide range of clothing designs
    • Modern design inspired by European and American fashion, perfect for T – shirts, skirts, dresses, etc.

    Use Cases

    Use Case 1: Creating Comfortable T-shirts

    We use it for crafting lightweight, breathable T-shirts that keep us cool and comfy all day long.

    Use Case 2: Designing Stylish Dresses

    It’s perfect for making trendy dresses with vibrant patterns and colors that are a hit at parties or gatherings.

    Use Case 3: Sewing Versatile Skirts

    We love using it to sew flowy skirts that look chic and feel comfortable for any occasion.


    1. Can I get free delivery for this fabric?

    Yes, you can! At checkout, pick the free delivery option… and voila, it’s on its way to you, no extra charge.

    2. Is this fabric easy to care for?

    Sure is! But remember — avoid fabric softener and dry cleaning. A quick wash, then into the dryer it goes… just watch out for shrinkage!

    3. Will my credit card be safe when I buy online?

    Absolutely. Your purchase is secure from click to receipt… No worries about your credit details here!

    4. Does this fabric come with a made-to-measure option?

    Indeed, it does… Just select “made-to-measure” when ordering, and we’ll tailor it just right for those sweaters or whatever you’re crafting.

    5. Is this product environmentally friendly?

    Yes — proudly sporting the Forest Stewardship Council stamp of approval! So go ahead, create without compromising our forests.


    Perfect for Fashionable Comfort Seekers

    Experience the ideal blend of style and comfort with our 21s linen-cotton interlaced fabric. Whether you’re looking for breathable T-shirts, stylish undershirts, or versatile cardigans, this fabric promises to elevate your fashion game while keeping you comfortable all day long. Embrace the perfect balance of durability and breathability – try it out today!






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